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Antique Stude Hershey vendors

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Good afternoon. I am rebuilding a Studebaker six-cylinder from 1917. When I rescue the mechanics I had several missing, which I have managed to get, however I have started with the restoration of the engine and I still find some missing, I ask for help to get and allow me be able to put into operation Respecting originality as much as possible.
In particular I am looking for the "bendix" system that goes on the front outer tip of the crankshaft. And the gear and cover system for the installation of magneto or distributor. This parts are the same in Studebaker 6 and 4 cylinders, from 1913 to 1927. . I will appreciate who has or can get them, send me photos and the price. (by message via Facebook and / or mail to rodriguezdieguez@cpenet.com.ar) and / or. WhatsApp 54 9 2954 737395. I am from Santa Rosa, La Pampa Argentina. I have been collecting parts for this project for more than 15 years, which I have finally started to repair and rebuilt engine.
Any kind of collaboration is appreciated. greets Atte Enzo Rodríguez Dieguez

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