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1953 Skylark convertible top at windshield....help

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My 53 Skylark barn find came without the convertible top canvas on the car.....


I'm going to put a top on the car.....


At the front top bow where it meets the windshield frame....it looks like it uses that fold over piece of finishing nailer that is also used over the rear window.....along with that baloney roll to complete the seal to the window frame.....Is that right?


The fold over nailer uses those 2 stainless triangle pieces on either end.....  If anybody has a picture of the front top bow meeting the windshield that would be great....


Thanks,    Mike



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Hello   Mike   sorry re not replying sooner,   my skylark i sold  years   ago,, but what you 

stated  is all correct,, if you are doing it your self,  pick a day that is hot and warm ,

a heat gun does not work as well,  sun the whole area is  a big help when actually,

attaching the  vinyl to the  front bow,  fold  over just like you said,  when you do the tacking ,

do it with the   front bow about 1 inch away from windscreen hook up----with a bout  4 tacks  across the  whole width,

then   give it a test  hook up by pulling down to attempt to hook up. ----doing it this way you get 

the top  fitting nice and tight without any  slack, or  folds any where ,when you happy    complete tacking all

the way along about every  2 inches  to complete,   off coarse this is done after you  attach the rear connection  first.

all these  items i  purchased from  Cars inc, when i did mine.

And of coarse  53 skylark is  vinyl, with large  rear window, was the first year,  used. 

Years ago  restorers would often use  canvas tops and  some even fitted the small rear window,

these of coarse was not   authentic  and when taken to shows  would loose many points.


ill try and find a photo close up of  top front corner,    sometime.----regards.


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