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  1. Our Buicks

    Help ID year Cadillac?

    My guess is 1956..... Mike
  2. Our Buicks

    53 Skylark barn find

    I'm into the wiring of the car and the harness is pretty much wrapped around my neck at this point...... Lights are working all around......horn is good.....hydraulic pump hums when I push/pull the convertible top switch...... Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the window switches and the top for the Skylark or the Roadmaster convertible?......I can't find it in the 1952 shop manual or the 53 supplement. Thanks,......Mike
  3. Our Buicks

    53 Skylark barn find

    I wanted to post a few progress pictures...... The rust repair and the body work really blew a hole in my budget....so I have to go with the best trim and chrome I have and keep looking for better pieces as time goes by.....I wish I had better finishing trim for this car, but the goal was always to make a nice driver out of her. Friends come into the warehouse where I'm working on the car and they all say WoW! what a cool looking car....There are none on the road here so nobody ever sees them....I can't wait to get this on the road.... The tires are off an Eldorado that came in and the rims I bought used about the same time as I bought the car..... So far so good, hydraulics are in but un-tested, lights all around are working, brakes are in......I have to keep punching and get the car done...... mike
  4. Our Buicks


    LOL! Your right I meant Flappers......I must have been thinking of those clapper Christmas gifts I got...."clap on clap off".....Where's that darn receipt anyway..... Mike
  5. Our Buicks


    I always love those clappers.......
  6. Our Buicks

    1953 Convertible project

    My god Steve, did you dip those fenders in something?......Sandblasting would never get anything that clean! wow! Mike
  7. Thanks Keiser......Good looking car!! Mike
  8. Thanks Spinney....I thought it was a Studebaker...that's why I'm here asking.......I'll go ask the Dodge guys. But I think you got it..... Thanks again, Mike
  9. Big help Jon! Thanks.... Mike
  10. Help-what carb was used on a 1935 strait 8 olds intake? my intake has 3 studs..... thanks, mike
  11. Our Buicks

    1961 Buick Rear end

    Here's a website that's pretty good for specs. http://classiccardatabase.com/search2.php looks like yours is 3.23 or 3.36.....depending on the model. mike
  12. I need a 1953 Roadmaster or Super rear bumper guards and the back up light fixtures and the cross bar. Driver quality is what I need.......here is an example of what I need.....I'm hoping you have driver quality or better.
  13. Our Buicks

    31 Cadillac Johnson carb

    DRBS,....can you post a picture of that adapter? Thanks, Mike