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  1. Also look, people are talking to each other and don't have their heads buried in their phone!
  2. these guys probably have everything you need........not cheap but.....nice stuff. https://www.opgi.com/restoration-parts-catalog-cadillac.asp mike
  3. I need a 1953 Carter 4 Barrel Carburetor. I'd like the carb ready to bolt on and go... Rebuilt ok.... I really need it to be ready to go..... Thanks, Mike
  4. Jason maybe try this guy.... https://stlouis.craigslist.org/pts/d/saint-louis-1931-and-1940-lasalle-parts/6818372978.html Mike
  5. Stew can you post a picture?........what kinda condition is the car in? Mike
  6. Gary try posting the shipment on uShip.... Somebody going your way might love to fill a spot in their pickup truck.... Mike
  7. Thanks for posting this Tom.....Maybe I got out too far out in front of my skis on this. I'm restoring a 1934 LaSalle right now and I thought my LaSalle intake/exhaust manifold was broken beyond repair.....so I purchased this one and shipped the LaSalle one out for a diagnosis. What I can say, is this Oldsmobile Manifold bolted right up to the LaSalle head but you could see right away that the carb was going to have to be a Stromberg EE-1 instead of the EE-23 that came with the LaSalle....the throttle linkage would have to be changed a bit....other than that I think it works.....even the engine pipe fit and bolted right up... Mike
  8. These came off of a 1935 and 1938 Oldsmobile straight 8 and will also fit on the LaSalle. Heat riser still seems to work and freely moves PM me if interested Thanks, Mike
  9. These came off of a 1935 and 1938 Oldsmobile straight 8 but will fit on the LaSalle. Heat riser still seems to work and freely moves PM me if interested Thanks, Mike
  10. I'm into the wiring of the car and the harness is pretty much wrapped around my neck at this point...... Lights are working all around......horn is good.....hydraulic pump hums when I push/pull the convertible top switch...... Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the window switches and the top for the Skylark or the Roadmaster convertible?......I can't find it in the 1952 shop manual or the 53 supplement. Thanks,......Mike
  11. I wanted to post a few progress pictures...... The rust repair and the body work really blew a hole in my budget....so I have to go with the best trim and chrome I have and keep looking for better pieces as time goes by.....I wish I had better finishing trim for this car, but the goal was always to make a nice driver out of her. Friends come into the warehouse where I'm working on the car and they all say WoW! what a cool looking car....There are none on the road here so nobody ever sees them....I can't wait to get this on the road.... The tires are off an Eldorado that came in and the rims I bought used about the same time as I bought the car..... So far so good, hydraulics are in but un-tested, lights all around are working, brakes are in......I have to keep punching and get the car done...... mike
  12. LOL! Your right I meant Flappers......I must have been thinking of those clapper Christmas gifts I got...."clap on clap off".....Where's that darn receipt anyway..... Mike
  13. I always love those clappers.......