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  1. My 53 Skylark barn find came without the convertible top canvas on the car..... I'm going to put a top on the car..... At the front top bow where it meets the windshield frame....it looks like it uses that fold over piece of finishing nailer that is also used over the rear window.....along with that baloney roll to complete the seal to the window frame.....Is that right? The fold over nailer uses those 2 stainless triangle pieces on either end..... If anybody has a picture of the front top bow meeting the windshield that would be great.... Thanks, Mike
  2. I need an antenna mast and the rubber boot that goes onto of the fender under the chrome nut. If you can tell me where to get these or if you have one or the other or both, that would be great. please PM me.... Thanks, Mike
  3. Here you go....Click on the menu, maybe this will help..... https://www.nu-relics.com/default.asp Mike
  4. I need a 1955 Cadillac Transmission in good condition that I can bolt in and go... I'm hoping that somebody has one on the shelf in the garage. Please PM me.........Thanks, Mike
  5. Car looks to be in pretty good shape...I'll be generous and say it's in #2 condition..... $24,000 for the 4 cylinder $30,000 for the 6 cylinder seat of the pants guess based on these pictures....wish I owned it....Good Luck ! Mike
  6. Gary... Where is the gas overflow hole?....this is the only other picture I have right now....Mike
  7. Hi Jack....I have a Manifold that I think is for a 1934-38 Olds??.....You probably would know better than I if it will fit your motor....check these out.... Mike
  8. Thanks GD...I wish I could measure before I take the old top off but....car came to me with the original top stripped off and that rear bow just flopping around. I call ARO back and they told me it's 19 1/2 " from the back side of the middle of the rear bow down to the center of the rear tack bow strip.... By the way GD your car is beautiful !! Thanks again,....Mike
  9. Thank you GD....I ordered the top a few days ago from these guys.....I should have asked for that measurement.....the info on their website seems to say it's 19 1/2"....I'll call tomorrow and make sure.......That measurement above the rear window is an important one... You were a big help here GD......thanks !!! Mike
  10. Getting ready to put a new top on my 1953 Skylark... I'm hoping somebody knows the distance of the rear bow above the window down to the rear tack strip in the body.... Thanks for any help you can give me. Mike
  11. I might of cooked mine and I'm going to need a complete transmission in good shape or a rebuilder....Thanks Mike B in Ct..... cell 860-558-9585....text or call...my email is michael.baillargeon@comcast.net
  12. Also look, people are talking to each other and don't have their heads buried in their phone!
  13. these guys probably have everything you need........not cheap but.....nice stuff. https://www.opgi.com/restoration-parts-catalog-cadillac.asp mike
  14. I need a 1953 Carter 4 Barrel Carburetor. I'd like the carb ready to bolt on and go... Rebuilt ok.... I really need it to be ready to go..... Thanks, Mike
  15. Jason maybe try this guy.... https://stlouis.craigslist.org/pts/d/saint-louis-1931-and-1940-lasalle-parts/6818372978.html Mike