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Griffin Radiator


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 I recently purchased An aluminum Griffin radiator - part number 7-71024 for my 56 Tbird. I assumed that the transmission coolant lines would line up exactly but they didn’t. I spoke to a man at Griffin who told me that it isn't possible to make an exact fit for the car because the configuration of the transmission lines changed throughout the production year is the car. I was pretty surprised to hear that. Can anyone on this forum confirm that this is or is not correct?



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I would say that is a manufacture/jig issue. I have purchaed many alum. rads for my cars here in the desert and the ones with auto trans always line up with the cooler lines. They can literally be placed anywhere. Maybe Griffin does a generic rad to accommodate different models. I had a couple issues in the past with a supplier of lower priced rads. DeWitts makes a good one but their prices are in the stratosphere. Any of the mid range priced suppliers should have an exact fit replacement for your T bird. If the fittings are too far off to fit your lines, I'd return it and find a better supplier. There are many good ones listed on eBay.

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Don’t know the answer to your question but I’ve had several “one off” radiators made by Griffin and they always took great care to make me happy. Each time, I sent them tanks and outer frame and they copied it. On a 1930 Cadillac, they messed up the hole for the thermostat. I shipped it back at their expense and they corrected the mistake. I left all the tanks and frames with them so they had patterns to help others.

 I would ask them to research your serial number and re-tube the one they sent you.



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