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Can You Identify What Came With Dodge Brothers Parts


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Hello everyone,


I recently bought a lot of random used Dodge Brothers parts and this item was included. Any idea what it is? I’ve deciphered one part number as 527568 and then a 2 underneath. The other part number I’d have to clean the grease off a bit more. 









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It really looks like a 26-32 Pontiac oil pump (split head six)  The number is a casting number and is only 2 digits from the GM part number (group 1.652 527566 P6 all).

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I will clean it up and get the other number off of it. I tried looking for pictures of Pontiac oil pumps but couldn’t see a match, if nothing is conclusive I’ll repost over in their forum. And I’ll also take it apart and see what makes it tick. 

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It is a 26-32 Pontiac oil pump (split head six).  Different casting numbers as the pump was upgraded during the engine's life.   Sorry over the delay with pictures.  I knew where my spare pumps were but had forgotten to charge the camera battery.






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