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Great race Franklin speedster


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Hello all.   I have a 1923 10B that I bought a couple years ago and the body was just way too far gone to restore.  Soooo..... I am building it up as a dedicated Speedster with the hope/intent of running in the 2020 Great race.  For those of you who aren’t familiar..... it is a time/distance rally.   The highest assigned speed in the course is 50 mph.   95% of the time, the speeds are 25 to 40 mph.  Hard braking required occasionally.  My question goes out to any and all who have an opinion about the viability of my Franklin as a competitor and any and all suggestions/comments about the weak links in the chassis/brakes/engine, etc.....that would need to be addressed and/or beefed up.    The car/chassis  will be shortened 16” and an all new lightweight and aerodynamic wooden Boattail body constructed while keeping the original doghouse hood and firewall.  Most of my concerns are aimed at “can the engine/trans/differential survive at 50 or should I adapt an overdrive? Are the brakes sufficient?  U-joints robust enough? Overheating and valve sticking concerns? Likelihood of throwing a rod? Can an old Babbit job survive the torture? Etc.....   thanks in advance for any input.   Todd. 

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