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1940 Sedan Trunk Details

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Dave, you asked about some trunk details that might be helpful to you as you take on the trunk. We see a lot of pics on engines, bodies and interiors, but see little detail on trunks, so I thought this may be helpful to others as well. This 40 sedan trunk is the most original-complete I have seen yet.  Neat how they had a strap included to hold the wood floor up while working underneath.  I am not sure I understand the purpose of the metal strap bolted onto the wood floor, slotted for side to side adjustment.


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Hi Paul, 

Good trunk pics, I'd love to see more pics of that car..it looks like maybe original dove grey..the material looks

like woven burlap? brown. The black spring keeps lid secure with mild tension when floor is down..(mine is in a little bag I saved)


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Had the 41 fender turn lights, but is a '40.  Seldom see this beige/tan, and was repainted but it is same color in trunk far corners. I guess the black spring clip did help the floor from rattling around. From LaCrosse Central Chapter show in 2012.  The Central Chapter show is coming up soon Sept 12-14 in Homestead, Iowa! Paul



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