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I picked up this Brush coil box with some antique telephone parts from a telephone collector about a year ago.  It was manufactured by  Jacobson-Brandow Co. Pittsfield Mass.. On the back it is stamped  8373 on the top and bottom & FFF on the bottom of the back. I am not sure if it is oak or walnut wood. I know very little about a Brush automobile, But I thought this is something that should be saved and a Brush collector may need it someday. I was sorting the other day and found this again, and thought I should list mine. I was going to list it on ebay but thought this form may be a better choice. I saw another listed on this form a few months ago. The coil box looks good to me but I am by no means an expert and have no way to test it, so I am selling it "AS IS" I have the brackets to mount it. I do not have the key. Take a look at the pictures and make me an offer. I have more pictures  that I will put on another post. 









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My name is Jonah Sharp and I have a 1909 Brush Model BC.  I am very interested in purchasing this coil since my car is missing one and was wondering if you could send me your email address or phone number so we can work out an offer.  My email is JonahSharp27@gmail.com


Have a great day!



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