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  1. Hi John, I have a 1909 Brush BC and was wondering if you had a front wheel bracket (like the one I have pictured)? My passenger side bracket is broken and partially missing. Would you happen to have any steering parts as well (steering arm stuff in particular)? Thank you very much. Jonah Sharp
  2. It looks like it could go on an early model like my BC. I just sent you an email. Very interested!
  3. Jonah

    Brush Owners Association

    I agree with what John said. My car still has a long way to go until it is ready to run but i'd be nowhere without the help i've received from this forum. Jonah 1909 BC Brush
  4. Jonah

    Brush Information Needed

    The long awaited steering gearbox photos. We took extra steps to document how it goes together and how it works in hopes of helping out anyone who may have issues with their gearboxes, and so the Brush community can have documentation of how the it was engineered. Note that the assembly relies heavily on taper pins and the key to taking the system apart involves a small, very hard to see taper pin up at the top of the assembly (where the steering wheel mounts are located). Gearbox Gearbox Photos
  5. Jonah

    Brush Information Needed

    Yeah the pictures were really helpful! Right now all I think I have to buy is the copper tubing. We have an old steel tank that is a similar in shape to yours that we are going to use (always looking for a better one but this will work to get me going), and my dad somehow found and bought a dash oiler on eBay that looks pretty similar to the one that you have on your car. Still a lot of work to do but am making progress. My gas tank treatment supplies came in today so I can use that to get my gas tank and oil tank cleaned up and sealed.
  6. Jonah

    Brush Information Needed

    The steering gear box is finally apart! We are sandblasting everything. Pictures to come. The design of it is extremely unique.
  7. Jonah

    Brush Information Needed

    Hey Skip and John! Just wanted to give you guys an update. Between me being in school last fall and no heat in my grandpas barn, work on the main body of the car has been slow. However now that I am living at home on co-op (part of my degree program) we have made some progress on other parts. The main achievement we have is finally getting spark! I had multiple failed attempts with numerous coils (I don't have the original) so my dad, an electro-mechanic ended up designing me a modern buzz coil system that I can put inside the old coil to look authentic. We got that built and it works great and now we are just getting the original coil box fixed by a woodworker friend. Other things being worked on involve us still trying to get the steering gear box apart, re-sealing and cleaning out the gas tank, fuel lines, carburetor, etc., and figuring out a plan for the oil system (my car is missing the tank, dash oiler, lines, etc). If possible could you guys send me pictures of the oil systems and steering gearbox from your cars so I can get an idea of what things are supposed to look like (im flying blind haha)? Finally, last week I received an email from Scott Carlson (1912 F26) who is less than 2 hours from me and he is also helping me out! When the weather clears in the coming months we are going to try and meet up at my barn with his car so he can look at my car and more importantly, I can look at his and see a fully functioning Brush. Thanks for the help! Jonah 1909 Brush BC
  8. Jonah

    Brush Information Needed

    Hey Skip, From what I was told, my great grandfather back when he got the car in the late 40s put model T wheels on it since I am guessing the original wooden wheels had rotted. Unfortunately I only have generic hubcaps that do not say BRUSH. Another question that I have regards more about oil. How do you know how much oil to put in the car/check the levels? My car does not have an oil tank or dash oiler. All it has is a little oiler cup for manual filling. Also do you know if there is a way to drain the differential of oil so I can get all the old stuff out before I refill it (and how much do you put in that too?) Also could you send pictures of your car sometime? I am curious to see how the later models are setup! Thanks! Jonah Williamson, NY
  9. Jonah

    Brush Information Needed

    So right now we have the car striped down to the chassis so we can get access to everything. The big thing we are still having issues with is trying to get the steering gear box apart. Other than that the big question I have for you guys regards what kind of oil and grease do I use on the car? This would be for the transmission, differential, the engine itself, etc. Thanks! Jonah
  10. Jonah

    Brush Information Needed

    hey guys! I really appreciate all the information that you have given me. I haven't been on the forum as much since college started up again for me a couple weeks ago. I did get a chance to go home last weekend and work on the car with my dad and I will post pictures in the next couple days and probably ask more questions too! Jonah
  11. Jonah

    Brush Information Needed

    Here are some pictures of what I am dealing with as I mentioned above.
  12. Jonah

    Brush Information Needed

    Hey Skip, Do you by chance know how to get the steering gear box apart? Mine is all locked up and I have tried a bunch of different ways to get it open but have only been able to barely get the cover out about a half inch. Is there some sort of trick that you have come across? I'll post some pictures soon. Jonah
  13. Hello everyone, Recently I came into procession of a Brush that belonged to my great grandfather who got it from a local farm (around Rochester, NY) and then did an amuture restoration in the 40s and 50s. All of the drive train, suspension and axles are original. It came into procession of my grandpa in the 70s when my great grandfather died and it sat in his garage until about 2 weeks ago when he gave it to me (I was very interested in it and he told me if I could get it out I could have it). According to him it was a 1907 but I myself am not so sure based on things I have been reading. I was also told that the last time it ran was in 1954 and that it has a rod knock. It has a buffalo carburetor on it and the engine number I believe is 3331 (was kinda hard to read). Would anybody be able to run the numbers on it and figure out what it is for me? I will also have many questions in the future as my dad and I just really began diving into tearing it apart to begin our restoration/preservation. This is a long term project for me and my dad (I'm still in college) and I am really excited to finally begin bringing this car back to life! Thank you very much! Jonah Sharp