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I have been given a 1957 special as a gift for me to restore.

What does this tag mean? 46r,style-4437,bc-3905,trim-482,paint-tc,acc-j

any info would be great. New to buicks. Been a early ford man.

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A 46r is a Buick Special Hardtop 6 passenger Coupe that weighs 3956 lbs.

There were 64,425 produced cost $ 2704.

Paint tc is Dawn Grey over Dover White.

Can't hel with the trim codes... Sorry.

Engine is a 364 cu/ in V8 with 250 bhp @ 4400 rpm.

The Buick Specials were the lowest cost Buicks made. Still better then a Chevy though.

Have fun with this one.

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