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1930 Pontiac Big Six Two-Door Sedan

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First of all, this is NOT the same one I had a few months ago--that was a '29. Same body, same color, same engine, but different cars. Secondly, this one is an awesome survivor that has already won its HPOF award at Hershey and it is indeed a wonderful old survivor with nice originality that isn't deteriorated. Finally, it has a great story to tell, with just three owners from new, each of whom have kept the car for decades. The first owner was Richard M. Carlson, who kept it until 1961. In the early '60s, there was a kid who pumped gas at the local station and each time the Pontiac would come in, that kid would say, "Mr. Carlson, I'd sure like to buy that car." Eventually, Mr. Carlson relented and sold it to that 16-year-old kid, who, unlike many of his peers, kept the car 100% stock and untouched, enjoying it until 1982 when it was passed to its third and most recent owner. Along the way, they each kept all their paperwork, books, and spare parts, making this car a neat cache of useful stuff for the early Pontiac enthusiast.


The Seminole Blue paint is original and showing its age, but it would be a mistake to even consider painting this car. Yes, it has nicks and chips and some of the some of the black paint on the fenders and roof is cracking, but there's no reason to erase it. The interior is the original olive-colored mohair, pretty much the same stuff that's in my 1929 Cadillac, so it looks and feels suitably upscale. The interior is loaded with accessories, including a cooling fan, heater, and dual rear-view mirrors. The interior remains in excellent condition and everything appears to be working. The 200 cubic inch "split head" inline-6 runs great! Smooth, torquey, and with only 61,305 miles on the clock, it has never really needed any major service. It always starts easily with a little choke, and it breezes along at 45-50 MPH without working very hard. It shifts easily, it rides nicely, and the brakes are effective given the car's modest performance. Painted wood spoke wheels show no signs of rot or damage and sit on G-100 Goodyear whitewalls which were probably installed by that 16-year-old kid sometime during the Johnson administration. Extras include a huge folder of Pontiac literature, advertisements, service manuals, and service receipts, plus a bunch of spare parts including an extra transmission. Asking a very reasonable $14,900 and it's ready to enjoy immediately. It's a LOT more car than a Model A for the same price. I like these Pontiacs quite a bit--they feel like much more expensive cars than they are. That's why I have two of them!


001.thumb.JPG.6f6adb7271de07b80d4b13ada582911a.JPG 003.thumb.JPG.a63240e8a02876372f6b4298d7071ed8.JPG 005.thumb.JPG.a7e477a91c8d3c404f9e975ccab8841a.JPG 007.thumb.JPG.55fbb03f9b730ff47414a728badf77a3.JPG

015.thumb.JPG.79ad8738fd4017ae076c317d6323fbfc.JPG 030.thumb.JPG.3e9775249bb68e6e7da591603ced59b0.JPG 038.thumb.JPG.1760cc781a9ee572166af250d919bc80.JPG 040.thumb.JPG.28068a62307dc18ba06abb8a9e63a945.JPG


041.thumb.JPG.1bd1a54644ecedea405486b139d77c35.JPG 051.thumb.JPG.dfaca10c4d8de7d30cb613ca473e9e56.JPG 053.thumb.JPG.d33d78a3f0c9826b8841898b9525f223.JPG 057.thumb.JPG.4215e6e633c5742cb75621e6817b4347.JPG


061.thumb.JPG.07108f39151b2008f2b267c0d707a4a2.JPG 064.thumb.JPG.7ec2e2146d55985ca03896336a481f5b.JPG 068.thumb.JPG.47024cf8048f33b63808598e58446717.JPG

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