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Lost Topic-Can Anyone Help?

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Hello Webmasters and Editors...First off let me tell you how much I appreciate the work you do....I have been stuck many times, to find what I needed on these boards....The knowledge base of the members and non-members will never be replicated in a book or with AI.....


Peter Gariepy was soooo helpful in trying to help me locate a topic that vanished but he had no luck...I was wondering if maybe someone reading this topic could assist too...


I started a topic back in 2013 and was very active and had thousands of views, but sometime around the first week of June the topic was deleted....became missing, AWOL.....this was in the Dodge Truck Forum.


The topic title was 1938 RC 1/2t Engine Removal Project . 


I have a similar topic called the 1938 RC 1/2t Cab Interior Removal Project, and I see it.


As a matter of fact, I believe I posted on each topic on the same day, May 28th....


Can anyone help locate it?


Thanks again for all the hard work you do!


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Is it possible that you have had two separate user names on the forum and you are searching for only your own posts under your current user name? You could not have posted anything in 2013 under this profile since your current profile was created on  June 2, 2014.

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There is no discussion with that title on this site. There is no recent indication in the administrative logs of any of the admin staff deleting it in the time frame that you asked Peter about it disappearing. Is it possible that you accidentally deleted it? If the original poster deletes a discussion, it would not appear in the admin logs. That is the most likely way that it could have disappeared. If not, it must be some glitch in the forum software that deleted it, although I am not aware of that ever happening before.

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Thank you sooooo much for searching Matt....So maybe I did delete it, I know I was a wreak that week, as my dad passed away the same week.....


If I deleted it, can I restore it?


Or is there a backup made on some cloud server, can it be restored on the disk....any version is fine, from May 28 and back. I would be happy to pay for it.


Lots of people were using the thread for their restoration projects....It was a very detailed thread on all the steps to disassemble and the start of the reassembly of Dodge Brothers Trucks from 1936 - 1938....


The plan was to continue the thread all the way through final reassembly and final restoration...


Anything you guys can do would be soooo appreciated....



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If you deleted it, I am not aware of any way to restore it. You should email Peter to ask him if there is any way to restore it from a backup. I have no idea if that is possible, or what the cost would be if it were. Peter is the only one who can answer that question. Send him an email.

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Thanks for helping Wayne, no, I checked the other thread and it has not been merged....don't know if it was deleted.


All I know was it was there one day and gone the next...


The disappointing part of this is that it was an extremely detailed description and photo spread of an entire 1938 Dodge Brother 1/2 ton truck....and had well over 4,000 views....with detailed descriptions on how the disassemble and now reassemble...The historical value alone was priceless, let alone the member benefit of a resource for fellow restorers...


Oh well....that's life, one day here, next day in auto heaven

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