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Questions about a 1936-41 MoPar transmission....

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OK....my buddy, Pete has this 1931 Dodge Brothers rumble seat coupe. The engine is from a 1956 Plymouth. It was changed out before Pete acquired it. It also came with a three speed floor shifting 1936-41 transmission. Pete is trying hard to get this car on the road, but he has run across a situation. His transmission is at a supposedly very good shop where the worker knows his stuff. His transmission has two synchros in it. It needs a lot of work, so he bought another transmission with the same case numbers on it and looked identical. Trouble is....the newly purchased transmission has only one synchro in it. Can anyone here tell me what transmissions he actually has and where to get parts for them? The number embossed on the transmission case is 651358. Thanks very much for any and all help on this. Here is Pete's car....






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I responded to a similar request a few months ago.




See also here:

It is a T86-1 gearbox (without brake). That gearbox was used with different case numbers from 1935 to 1951 for many makes of vehicle, including Hupp, Stude, Chrysler Gp, Kaiser, Frazer, Graham, Reo, Nash, LaFayette, Mack, etc.  It sounds to me as if someone has been into one of them before and put some later parts in. Complete sets of gears interchange from '35 to '39. The Hollander shows the set of gears in 1935 and then each year after that some of them change and for the rest, go back to 1935. If the gears etc. have "T86-xxx" stamped on them I can tell you when they were used, from The Hollander.


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I ordered a complete rebuild kit from Andy Bernbaum for my 1938 Plymouth 3 speed. They were very helpful/knowledgeable and the cost didn't break the bank.

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