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Universal joint, 30cf 4dr


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I think ours are known as Detroit universal joints. The body and parts appear on eBay regularly. You need to measure what you have to get the right size. This size joint was also used on Chrysler, Dodge Brothers, Fargo, Graham Paige, Graham and Willys around '28-32 and later on the Willys. Rolls Royce also used them - see attached service documents for later versions of the same thing. You will see exploded parts diagrams in them.


My notes say 3-5/8" dia. flange, 3" long.


There should be NO grease nipple - it will unbalance the joint. The instructions say to pack it with grease, not too much, and ensure the boot is closed to keep the grease in and dirt out. If your boots are split or open in any way, it is time to disassemble, clean out, reassemble with new grease and good boots. With luck the dirt hasn't caused too much wear. Repack at 10,000 miles IIRC.






I have a recollection these have been discussed before on either one of the Chrysler fora or the Technical forum. Something tells me there was a double boot to ensure it was grease and dirt tight.


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