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  1. Mars

    1930 cf gas gauge

    Finally got it working, switched the wires on the gauge. Seems simple but I went by the schematic at first so I didn’t suspect that. It’s very jumpy. I don’t know if it’s the gauge or the sender.
  2. Mars

    1930 cf gas gauge

    At the sender or the gauge?
  3. Mars

    1930 cf gas gauge

    I can’t get my previously working gauge to work. New wire from sender to gauge. And gauge to power. But it just pegs full. I’m baffled. Thanks
  4. Did you get your answer?
  5. It has worked intermittently. Last time it was floating. Now nothing. The cable and ends are good. Does it need to be sent out? Any thoughts. Thanks
  6. I’ve had two summers on my American Classic radials. They have been great! Smooth ride, handles nicely. Highly recommended.
  7. Mars

    Cowl lights

    Need brackets for cowl lights 30. 4dr cf
  8. Mars

    30 Fuel gauge

    Hi, I’m still trying to get the gas gauge working. Took the float out, seems to operate properly. But the gauge still pegs to full. Seems like a simple system, but still scratching my head. Thanks
  9. Mars

    Clum switch

    Are you suggesting I take it it apart? It worked before the wiring change.So I’m thinking it’s something else. I got 2 out of 3 broken screws out on the sending unit mount.
  10. Mars

    Clum switch

    Hi there, I took out the sender unit. Looks ok. I’ll make a new gasket and put it back.
  11. Mars

    Clum switch

    Hi there, I hope you’re doing well today. Got my state inspection. Yay! Sending unit cap. Whatever you call it. Looks like there might be a couple of broken off screws..
  12. Mars

    Clum switch

    Hi, I bypassed the entire original switch. Took power from the battery to a toggle switch to a floor mounted dimmer switch to the headlight wires. Works great and nothing is visible. Problem solved. Onto the gas gauge. I’m getting leaking gas from the sending unit cap. Only when I fill it too much. Som of the screws are missing. Might have broken off. There must be a gasket of some kind for it. Is the sending unit under the cap / cover? Thanks so much for your help. Everyone.
  13. Mars

    Clum switch

    Thanks, it really did help.Have you ever taken this apart? Should I be looking for the whole unit or try to fix the lever part? Thanks for all your help.
  14. Mars

    Clum switch

    Hi, as near as I can tell, it seems to be the same length
  15. Mars

    Clum switch

    Took another look at the steering wheel. The lever you see controls the throttle. The void below it must be where a lever would be. You probably wouldn’t control the lights by rotating the disc. So I think I’m missing the lever. Now to find one.
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