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Help ID'ing this engine - early Chalmers?


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Dragged this engine and transmission out of a friend's shed as his wife wanted the room.  Was told by someone it might be an early  ~ 1910 Chalmers.


Any help is appreciated.  Also included a brass radiator - does this belong with this engine?


Also got an old Pierce arrow 6 cylinder possibly a model 30 at the same time!  The last picture...











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Oops!  The references tell me that Pierce, in their infinite wisdom, placed the serial (not engine) number only on the crossmember to the rear of the engine.  However, Pierce machined and matched parts for each engine and car so you MAY find an engine number stamped into the timing cover AKA front cover, or on mounting extensions of the cast aluminum crankcase.  You're looking for a six numbers beginning 32, 33, 34, or 36.  Other cast aluminum parts may have the number as well.


Does it have carburetor and distributor?  Re distributor, a pair of six-tower (+ one for coil) distributors, side by side, were used 1921-23, and a single distributor with 12 plug towers and two coil towers was used 1924-28. If it's convenient, please take a photo low on the left side with some light on it to show carb and distributor(s) if present.

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I have a 1910 Chalmers and it sure looks like my engine. What is going to happen to it. Is it for sale? If so, I am interested. Please let me know and I will contact you. You can reach me

at pai01@aol.com  or call 864-275-2596. If no answer leave a message and I will get back to you. 


Thanks ...... Paul

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