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1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

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Thank you Craig

That 501 was always a second choice, Being 1924 it was a wide track and only a borderline "Light Car" and not completely to my taste. I have never made it a secret, that my project cars have one purpose.....

To be the vehicle for compulsory saving, this saving being used to help pay my share of our five yearly visits to the UK and France.

I do not look to make a profit, I am not that silly, but it is one way to accumulate the money that would otherwise disappear. I know that I will never get all the money I spend back but I do try to recoup around 80 percent of the money I spend.

We live on a very tight budget and it is one way that I can contribute my share. I doubt that any of the people reading this fully understand what I am talking about.

It makes me sick seeing all those full page colour advertisements that fill a large part of our newspapers. The thought of having the ready money to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a week long"Cruise" is beyond my conception. Yet every one of these Cruises are full, sailing it seems about every other day.

I do not consider it rash or a flagrant use of money to have one holiday every five years. At 83, after this one I may never do another. Taking the Lagonda away with us is actually saving us money. The cost of shipping the car to the UK and back again is far less that the amount we would spend on a Hire Car and there is no comparison to my way of thinking, between driving a modern economy car and the Lagonda. We avoid Highways and Motorways as far a possible driving mainly on Local roads. In the Lagonda with the hood (top) down we see far more that we would from the deck of a Cruise Liner or a seat in a Tourist Coach AND we actually get to meet the local people virtually every day. 

But please do not tell anyone, we do not want to see all those wonderful almost deserted roads, full of snotty nosed tourists.


Bernie j.

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Here we are on October 22nd 2018 and the Fiat is all packed ready for its journey to the Melbourne docks. From there it will commence its long sea voyage to England.


Stand by Nick in just about 6 weeks time it should be almost on your door step.


Over to you



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