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I bought both front brake hoses last year. They were cheeeepp. Manufacturer Raybestos. The hoses were in old looking boxes. The name on the boxes, Raymold. The stickers on the boxes and hoses say made in China.

I called them about it, I know they were cheep, but I thought I was getting Raybestos. The person I talked to said Raybestos said Raymold was a company they had acquired years ago, and was the same as Raybestos.

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I spent $24. on a buncha rear hub seals, a couple roller bearings, alignment shims, wheel studs...  You know the kind of stuff you don't know you need until you're doing rear brakes or hub repacking.   Good tip, not sure I really *need* 10 rear hub seals but at .47 cents each it's hard to go wrong:D



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