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  1. The blue manual for my 89-8v shows 2057 for the rear brake/turn and park lights. It shows the same bulbs 2057 for the front turn and park. I replaced the 4 bulbs in the rear first, no problem. Removed the front lights and the bulbs were not 2057, witch have 2 filaments, one for park and a brighter one for turn sig. The two bulbs in each of these front lights are single filament, a small #89 for park and a 1156 for turning sig. I've never read any mention of this on the forum.
  2. That screwdriver blade should pull out, and the other end be a phillips.
  3. ABS pump should not run with the ignition off.
  4. I got a accumulator for my 89 8v two years ago, from TC Parts. $250. +shipping.
  5. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/d/tucson-1990-buick-reatta-v6-hardtop-az/6955109332.html
  6. There is a piece of the top that runs across the lower part of the rear window, that we can see in the picture. There is also an almost matching piece on the inside. The inside piece is attached to the inside of the window, the outside piece is not attached to the window.
  7. The top is not sealed to the window there, the water should drain out.
  8. I bought one a year or so ago from TC Parts. http://www.tcparts.com/home.html Phone 928 386 0999
  9. Some of the parts stores, like NAPA, can rebuild or get them rebuilt for you. I've had many rebuilt in the past.
  10. Pressure test the cooling system, if it will hold pressure it must not have coolant getting into the exhaust.
  11. If that is the drip hose for the condensation from the heater core and A/C, and there is coolant dripping from it, most likely the heater core is leaking.
  12. Got mine from TC Parts last Sept. Had to make a small bend in the flange from the firewall to make good clearance for the ball.
  13. I bought both front brake hoses last year. They were cheeeepp. Manufacturer Raybestos. The hoses were in old looking boxes. The name on the boxes, Raymold. The stickers on the boxes and hoses say made in China. I called them about it, I know they were cheep, but I thought I was getting Raybestos. The person I talked to said Raybestos said Raymold was a company they had acquired years ago, and was the same as Raybestos.
  14. No, no cover for the a/c compressor pulley.
  15. Looks like the hose running above the ps pump needs to be shortened. Also at the end of the hose that is folding, the hose could be twisted about 90 to get a different angle.
  16. Screw the hood stops out,until they will lift the hood.
  17. My 89 8V was built 11/88 and has the old block. The timing belt, and the cam and crank gears are square cut teeth. The common block has the rounded teeth on the timing belt and gears. If you order a timing belt for an 89, you will get one for the common block. If you need the square cut of the older style, order one for an 88 or earlier 2.2 Chrysler/Dodge. Is this the same case for the 16V ?
  18. I have had many a/c evaps with plugged drains, and the reason for checking for a plugged drain , was that the car owner was complaining about the stink when they turned the a/c on. My guess would be a plugged drain.
  19. I've had cats that were rattling, and the car would drive ok around town, but drive up the highway and it wouldn't get over 50 mph. The cat had come apart inside, and a lot of the pieces had gone into the muffler and plugged it up.
  20. Most times when I've had weird things happening with the electrical system, the problem was found to be a poor, or no ground. I would check all grounds, at the engine and body.
  21. The drain hose for the evaporator is probably plugged. It's located on the passengers side lower cowl behind the power steering pump. Looks like a short rubber hose coming out of the cowl.
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