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'39 zephyr coupe

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I have a '39 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe. The car is in very bad shape. I've been able to replace entire floor and firewall.

One of the problems I'm having is how to find out how the gas pedal and linkage worked and where it was located on floor and firewall.

I do have some Zephyr throttle linkage but have no idea how it was fastened to these areas.

If someone has a drawing, photo or can describe it that would be very helpful.


Much appreciated

   Chuck D      415 388 2882  

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Chuck, The accelerator pedal for the Zephyr has an arm that fits through a slotted hole in the floorboard and hangs beneath the floor. The arm has a ball on it to accept a linkage that goes up to the bell crank on the firewall. The floor has a clinch nut or a cage but will work also , and accepts a 5/16 bolt that secures it to the floor. Here's a photo of the underside of my floor before I installed the pedal. You can see the clinch nut and beside it an elongated hole.  In the other photo of my friends car with the engine out you can see the bell crank on the firewall just above the transmission.  



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