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Crestmobile Roster holder- Jay Simpson??

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I have just been looking for posts on Crestmobile's and saw your post. Did you ever manage to contact Jay Simpson? I met him in Brighton in November 2012. He and his wife came up to us in our 1903 Crestmobile, at the end of our 6 hour 20 minute journey from London to Brighton in the pouring rain, flooded roads, and announced "We are the Simpsons from America". I was a bit 'shell shocked' after the run and never managed to have a proper conversation with him. Somewhere on one of my old computers I have his email address. Unfortunately, I have not kept in touch him. Let me know if you still need his details I will try and find them for you. I would like to try and contact some other owners of these cars myself, as at present I am trying to reinstate the original pull start system and also work out how to adjust the epicyclic gearbox linkage because it does not want to stay in high gear when you let go of the change lever.

Best regards



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On ‎2‎/‎3‎/‎2017 at 4:48 PM, mikewest said:

Im looking for the roster holder (at least in the past) Jay Simpson. Im not even sure I have his name correct. If you are a Crest owner and familiar with this man, please email me. Thank you Mike West mawest729@gmail.com  

Yes I did after nor speaking with each other 30 plus years. I have my original 1902 Model B with the pull recoil system .If it was/is the same Id be glade to help if I can,. Mike 


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