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WTB 1923 Maxwell

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As I understand. The Maxwell  Sport Touring had some features that the standard models didn't have. 

Nickel Bumpers and radiator shell. Trunk instead of a spare tire on the back. Side mount spare tire. 5 nickeled spears running vertically along the back of the body. He said that they where red in color. 

He has photo. When I see hem next I will see if I can take a photo of them and post them.

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1923 listed a Sport Touring.  aluminum bead around hood at cowl, spare tire on left front fender, trunk and guard rails on rear.  The description I have does not list color, but the Sport Roadster says Khaki Top. 

1924 lists Red Sport Touring, and Green Special Sport Touring. 


The advert below does not list year.  It lists body and hood in Chester Hunt Red.  Fender4s and disc wheels in black with bright nickle wheel rims, Olive Drab Top, heavily nickled radiator shell, tie bar, headlights, cowl lights.  Winged Water indicator, strong bumpers (LOL), trunk bars and door handles.  Bright patent leather upholstery, deeply buffed.  Extra tire with cover mounted in special carrier on left side. Commodious trunk on rear of five passenger car.  Special olive drab curtains open with doors. 






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