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1957-59 Imperial Wheels

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1957-59 Imperial Wheels

Mopar #1730814 Have 5 powder coated wheels.
They measure  8 X 15 5/8 INCHES (on the outside of the wheel)
pictured are 2 of them  front and back
50.00 each plus shipping.  Less if you buy all of them.
480 966 6683
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OK the PO said they were 14" and had them powder coated years ago and said they were for 57-59 Imperials only.. I measured them off the car as in the pictures above. Measurements were across the Outside Diameter of the width and across the face of the wheel. I used the part number from the 57-59 books for the 14 inch wheels for that model. I could be wrong..................or he is...........If someone has these wheels it would be nice to see if my measurements match up to yours.

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