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Seat Belts

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Did Studebaker ever put out a tech sheet for dealers for fastener location for seat belts on late 50's / 60's models?  I know that as early as 1955, General Motors had even engineered in floor locations and had belts as options (I found those locates for belts in my first '55 Buick in about 1966, and they are where belts are attached in my current '55 Century).  I am re-doing a '63 Champ, and while I have the seat out for new upholstery, I will put in seat belts and would like to put the attachment points where Studebaker Engineering intended them.


Rick Larrick

Fairbanks, Alaska

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Thanks, Robert -

That certainly answers the question and makes sense - Studebaker had pre-drilled holes at reinforced locations on the cars of that period, but not the trucks.  I will go ahead and drill for the belts where it makes sense, and use the large reinforcing washers.  Thanks for posting the link to the SDC information.

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