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Who called me about 1920s cadillac parts and a telescope?

Linus Tremaine

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I cannot find your phone number. You should call me again. I also might have someone who wants to talk to you about your telescope. 







I have 

One buffalo wire wheel hub, drum and cap for cadililac

V-16 hub cap 

v-12 radiator cross bar with emblem

one carburetor 

several late 20s or early 30s tail lights



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Thanks for remembering me , Linus ! We also talked about Linus Pauling and his son Peter's Mercedes Benz SS38/250 touring. I wonder where that great car is now , over 50 years since I last saw it. I hope it was not restored , but I am sure it would have been done right. I sent a PM with my contacts.

I hope to see you this winter with the '27 Cadillac , or the V12 'Benz. - Carl

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