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'91 radio removal


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My '91 radio is severally distorted in AM mode and needs to be removed and sent somewhere for repair.

Is it necessary to remove the seat to get at the radio?  Then, once it's out, where should I send it for good, quick service?

Many thanks,

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Remove the bezel (trim) that surrounds the entire cluster by first removing two Torx screws almost hidden in the right and left A/C vent. 

(1990 Reattas also have two screws in the overhang above the steering wheel)

Next with a "L" shaped tool,  get behind the trim and pull out.....I usually start to the bottom right of the steering wheel.

The trim is held in place with several spring clips.   Insert the tool behind the trim and then slide it until you hit a clip then pull.

When removed the trim piece will revel the radio and HVAC controller attached together by a plastic part on both sides.

Check Ronnie's site he may have pictures.     reattaowners.com

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