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Are early Buick & Nash parts interchangeable?


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I'm trying to find tie rod ends for a '34 Nash, my searches keep popping up with Buick referances.  Are they the same?  The ends I am looking for are female shank with clamp, not the typical male shank.  

What are early Buick?  Male or Female?  

Thanks for the help, oj

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FWIW, a 36 King products catalog (includes tie rod sockets and intermediate rods, king bolts/bushings) lists no matching numbers in the Buick and Nash tie rod tables...Buick models 1930-36, Nash 29-36 listed...

HOWEVER: Parts catalogs seldom cover every model of every make...

If nothing turns up you might try also posting in the two makes forums...

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Thanks Bud, I may not have Nash tierod ends on it.  That may have been changed at somepoint.  The tierod is male threaded and the tierod ends are female (like a model 'A') and a NOS Nash supply source told me today that all Nash tierod ends are male, not female.  What did Buick have?  These are 3/4 X 16pitch.  Ring a bell at all?

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