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Advice on installing upper frame body mount rubbers with body on frame

buick man

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Any collective know how regarding how one goes about installing the upper frame body rubbers with the body still on the frame.  The bottom ones are easy.  I have disconnected everything exhaust system out, transmission and carb linkage, everything but the steering shaft all the while in the process doing my under body / frame rehabilitation work and thought replacing the body mounts may be a good idea since they look like dry rye bread. 


Has anyone done this and if so how did you go about it ?  


The problem is one would have to lift the body up to free the upper rubber mount enough to get the mount's  neck out of the metal frame perch it sits into and the only accessible means would be at the rocker panel bases.  I suppose another option would be to support the body lightly at these bases with a slight lift and then saw/hack the upper ones out by hand including any chisel work when necessary, then when completing installing a new upper mount, repositioning the lift and repeating the process.


Of course I would not want to do this unless there is a tried and true method of accomplishing this that someone can attest to.


Any input would be appreciated.

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Buick Man - with all respect - I'd guess by the lack of replies that this is why everyone tells me to go ahead and do a frame-off rather than try and avoid it.  You are nearly there but just not quite.  I am struggling with much the same dilemma - do it or try and work around it.  I hope someone has a solution for us.

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Well I always seem to ask the questions that raise the bar.   At least I keep telling myself that.  But the only logical way to accomplish this would be to go about it as I have discussed above or if you have an overhead beam hoist one could lift the body after disconnecting the steering column as this is the only thing I have not disconnected.  This would allow one to gently lift the body up somewhat without having to disconnect the entire drive axle line.  But then again I am almost there anyway.  I decided to move on and keep the original upper mounts in place.  The upper rubber mounts have a neck on them and this neck goes down and into the mounting hole. Upon a complete and tidy inspection, they appear in solid and good condition.  For inspection, I removed the lower rubber haves with their pointed bolt and thick washer.  These bottom rubbers are the ones that look like dried toast.  I bought new lower mounts and had my bolts  re-plated silver cad.   Upon the completion of paining my complete frame I will install them.  I have purchased all of the needed rubber bottom mounts so upon completion I will have silver cad plated all the bolts and washers and installed new bottom rubbers on the side rail mounts and new upper and lower on the rears and front frame mounts.  I also silver cad plated all the carburetor and transmission component linkages as well.  Should turn out to look pretty good.  This frame task has been very very time consuming however.  When completed anything else will seem like child's play.

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