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1941 Cadillac Series 61 Sedanette *SOLD*

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The hardest thing for me to do in this business is to not fall in love. However, I'm going on record right now saying that I love this Cadillac. I bought it with my own money and I'm pretty choosy about how I spend my cash, and in the last month I've driven it about 500 miles, including a 250-mile day tour a few weeks ago. I drive it to work every morning and home every night, weather permitting. And it just works like a car is supposed to work. Like the 1963 Riviera before it, the 1932 Buick 90-Series sedan that I sold two years ago, and the 1941 Cadillac 60 Special that won AACA HPOF of the Year, I'm sure I'll regret selling this car.


Is it a perfect car? Hell no! It's pretty nice, perfect for tours and casual shows, but not points judging. Get in, have fun, and if the bugs get plastered all over the front end or it starts to rain, well, who cares? The paint is probably 30 years old and while it's acceptable, it's not perfect. There's some checking and some micro-blisters atop the front fenders, so we gave it a professional buff and polish to wake it up and it looks quite presentable now. I'm proud to be seen in it, I take it to local shows and tours, it was in the Memorial Day parade in my home town, and I think it looks great. I was going to paint the top dark gray for a two-tone look, but I think putting new paint on this old paint is a mistake, so when you repaint it in 4-5 years, that's the time to do it because the Sedanette body just begs to be two-toned. The body is very straight and I don't think it's been off the frame. Fenders are good, doors fit well, and the trunk lid, which is problematic on fastbacks (ask me how I know) fits extremely well. The chrome is a mix of original and restored pieces--obviously the bumpers and bumper guards are new and they're quite nice, but I think the rest is original. The grille is very good, the hood ornament is excellent with crisp details, and the pot metal pieces like the hood vents, door handles, and windshield wiper stands show the usual light pitting. I've been trying to find some better door handles, because I think they're the worst parts, and to me, the door handle is the car's handshake and I like it to be nice. But overall, there's nothing that jumps out as deteriorated or needing immediate help. And yes, the skirts are steel, not fiberglass repros.


The interior is new as of 2014. It uses period-correct striped wool cloth to achieve a very proper look and there's new stuffing underneath so it's all-day comfortable. The door panels, headliner, and carpets were replaced at the same time, and it all looks great with minimal wear. Obviously the steering wheel is deteriorated as it's wrapped in leather now, and things like the window garnish moldings and dashboard are painted body color instead of woodgrained, but I almost think that was optional in 1941--at least it was over at Buick. All the gauges work, the wipers really want to work, but the radio and clock are inop, although the radio does power up. The heater and defroster are disconnected, which is a good idea just to avoid trouble while touring with 20 feet of heater hose under the car, and the trunk was restored with plain carpet so it looks tidy but it's not 100% correct. There's also a full sized spare with cover and a jack assembly, just in case.


The engine was rebuilt a few years ago and runs superbly. I spent $1800 or so to have the water pump rebuilt, new exhaust manifold gaskets installed, and a few other details done when I first got it and now it runs like it should. Someone at some point replaced the hand throttle with a manual choke, but it would be easy to switch it back or just leave it alone, it works fine. Pull the choke, turn the key, push the button and the sucker starts instantly and idles well, even when it's ice cold. It's got a nice V8 burble from the exhaust, which looks like it was done by Meineke, so if I keep it all summer and continue driving it, I bet I'll replace it sooner rather than later. The engine bay is nicely detailed with correct green paint on the engine but the manifolds are painted instead of porcelainized. It has a 3-speed manual transmission that shifts well and the clutch action is light, and the only thing keeping me from making this a permanent part of my collection is that I'm a HydraMatic guy, but I understand that many people prefer the manual.The front suspension was rebuilt last year in preparation for the 2014 Glidden Tour, which this car completed without incident. The brakes are also recent and it rolls on four brand new Lester whitewalls with freshly powdercoated wheels and nice hubcaps.


There are no squeaks or rattles underneath or inside, it tracks straight, it feels tight, it stops true, and holy cow, I LOVE driving this car! It cruises happily at 60 MPH without issues and we ran it pretty hard on that tour two weeks ago and it never complained a bit. No hard starts hot, which is unusual for a flathead Cadillac without an electric fuel pump. I recently sold a burgundy 1941 Cadillac sedanette to a large, well-known dealer and it's now for sale for about about 50% more money than this one, but quite honestly, this one drives better. The paint isn't as nice, but all things being equal, I would rather have this one and that's not a sales pitch.


I'm asking $32,900 for this handsome Cadillac and I don't think you can find a better tour car than this. Some folks say it's too modern and that using a car like this is cheating, but there's a very definite appeal to being able to get in, turn the key, and go anywhere in modern traffic without a second thought. This car will do it and do it well. Thanks for looking!


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