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30U Electrical Gremlins


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  I have a 30U and I'm having problems with the fuse going out all the time now.  I'm out of fuses, so thought I'd ask for some advice.  The car will start and drive just fine, but will have no lights or horn without a fuse.  If I put a fuse in and connect the battery, the fuse will heat up and break in about 8 seconds (30 Amp fuse).  I've had similar problems with the fuse going out in the recent past, both times were when I demonstrated the horn at a car show with the key off.  I would replace the fuse and be fine for a while, now, the fuse won't last at all.

  I assume I have a crossed wire somewhere or a bad ground, but wanted to ask for advice before I start taking the whole electrical system apart past the fuse point.  It's also impossible to test, as I can't get any power to the system without blowing the fuse.  I'm not very skilled with electrical, either.  Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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Something in your electrical system after the fuse is wrong and about the only way your are going to find it, given that about everything except the ignition is run off one fuse, is to disconnect the wires on the load side of the fuse and then reconnect each one one at at time seeing which one blows the fuse..


Or, if you have a volt-ohm meter, check the resistance to ground on each wire when it is disconnected from the fuse terminal.


Once you find the bad circuit, then you will need to examine it to find where it is shorted to ground or if the component at the end of the circuit is at fault.

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Thanks for the advice.  I spent a lot of time chasing it and it turned out to be the horn wiring grounding out on the horn attachment bolt and the horn itself had some bad wiring internally.  Everything works properly now, thanks again.

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