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1937 Buick Century 60 3 speed transmission installation question

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Hello need some help. I have a 1937 Buick Century 60 2 door sedan 320 cc straight 8 with a 3 speed standard transition.

Here’s my dilemma. I am installing the transmission but not sure about the two holes to the right and lift in the front face of the transmission above the input shaft that are “OPEN” (other than my mounting holes) I think they are for the shaft that guide my shift arm. You can see the inside of the Trans and will leak oil if tilted

Question number 1

 Are they supposed to be left open and just bolt Trans to Bell housing or should there be a gasket between bell housing and trans. or what is the correct why?? .


Question number 2

Should I use 85W / 90W gear oil?

Question number 3

Do I put some grease on the spline between shaft and clutch?

Question number 4

I replace the Pilot Bearing with a bushing the clearance between input shaft and bushing is .009 will this be OK??   

Thanks in advance for your Help and advice   

1937 Buick 2 door   

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the holes should be open to allow the rails to travel. I believe that the passenger side one is the only one that protrudes when shifting gears. Also think the bell housing should be predrilled to accommodate the rail protruding. If open into the bell housing you might wish to install a small freeze plug to stop oil from getting into the clutch area spaced accordingly to still allow travel for the rail. I seem to remember that a full gasket is needed but I may be confusing this with the 37 Cad.

I would run 80/90 oil

You should not need any grease on the shaft. 

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I Use 140th Oil on my Box, because it isnt so leaky thrue the shafts and after a little warm up time its shift perfect throu the speeds include a good healthy feeling with the synchron rings.

With lighter oil, that i had tryed, the box runs too loud, "feel" every teeth and the gears "sucks" too fast throu the synchronisation without control.

160th Oil is too heavy, that i had tryed also, less leaky but everytime you need too much power to shift trou the gears and no feeling for the synchron rings.

..just my experience... :)

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