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Out of the Barn Group


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Dave, I had an "A" tudor till around fall of 2008, when I had the car I remember hearing of a special interest group or region called "the out of the barn group" - focusing on unrestored, or "barnfind cars" well BEFORE the term was made so popular by junk TV and such.  From what I read at the time a lot of these cars were mechanically sound but pretty much left alone cosmetically.  Interested in seeing if this group is still around or active.


Getting back into Model As - I am expecting delivery of our new '30 Deluxe Roadster tomorrow morning.  It has had a good going through mechanically, but sports 1950s paint and what I think is a replacement interior from the same era.  It would fit right in with that sort of group until we get around to a proper restoration.  Assuming all goes well I will put up some pics over the weekend. 


Now if I could just get that load of Model A parts I sold off after the car was sold....

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