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Engine found in swamp...what kind is it?


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I bought a house up here in Maine with 4 acres last year and today I took my first walk through the woods (more a swamp really). I found the door to an old car which looks to me by the handles to be GM, may 40's or early 50's. I also found an inline engine, with a 1-bbl. intake...see photos. I could not find a number on the fuel pump but it was hard to see. Appears to be probably a straight six with the intake on the passenger side. The intake runners were buried so I couldn't count 'em.

Any ideas?






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Had nothing with me except my camera. This thing is embedded...keep in mind I'm standing in a swamp and the whole engine is wrapped in roots. However I just hiked out there and was able to clean it a little better. Looking at the exhaust/intake arrangement, this thing looks old to me. The heat riser flapper weight has a pretty distinctive "Pac-man" shape to it.






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Narrowed it down to possibly an old Pontiac flatline...single barrel would be 1933-1940. An illustration of a 1937 Pontiac engine is extremely close, but the intake is slightly different. This engine I found has the vacuum port on the extreme left of the intake manifold and no "dip".


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