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  1. My 1952 76R is on eBay...I had it up there in March and had a buyer from New England who seemed interested but ended up backing out last week.
  2. Thanks man, I wish I could keep her but it just isn't in the cards. I haven't even really had the time to drive it much over the last 4 years I've had her, other than to random car shows and around town. So it's pretty much in the condition I got it, with correct paint according to the data tag (I think this might be the only 76R from 1952 left with this paint combo) and mostly original interior. All I did was replace the blown vibrator in the Sonomatic with a solid state one and hook up a RediRad, and install a NOS Dynalite I got off of eBay.
  3. Looking online at past sales and some current cars offered, I'm kind of getting a sense that $50K is about the limit for one in perfect condition, with about $30K for one in my condition. More for a convertible, a quite a bit less for a 72R, around maybe $20-30K tops for a perfect one. Sound ballpark?
  4. Thank you, it has some warts but it shows pretty well. Not really loving the idea of selling it but divorce is making it seem likely.
  5. I am just curious as I'm thinking of selling my much are these going for these days anyways? See pictures for condition. Not showroom but certainly no rat rod either.
  6. Thank you Bill...I wasn't sure. 1950 is different and I've only owned '51's and '52's. Figured the rear guards might be smaller on the '53 just like the front bumper
  7. Sorry Leif, I live in Maine, USA. Should have put that first. Would be nice to find one local but I've shipped bumpers Greyhound several times and it was pretty cost effective, although I'm not sure if you can still do that these days.
  8. Looking to buy a 1951 or 1952 Super or Roadmaster rear bumper...driver quality.
  9. Took a couple of days off just to come back and look at things fresh...tinkered around a bit with the linkage etc. and got it to idle a little better but still not great. Now it has a bog coming off idle that wasn't there before... So I'm going to borrow or buy a different tach and vacuum gauge and see what numbers I can get. I've been using a 1970's Sun setup and I just want to make sure it's not the 40+ year old equipment contributing here. If I'm getting the same results, then it's back to work
  10. Beemon, I did test the throttle shaft for play and there is some, barely perceptible but there is a tiny bit wiggling from front to back. Not 100% sure it's the shaft or what is attached to it. I set the fast idle cam as per the manual, it was slightly off but not by much... Disconnected the choke heat pipe and blocked off the orifice with some change Disconnected the linkage and tried to get it to stall by closing the throttle all the way by it to almost stall but could not get it to get below about 300rpm. So it looks as if it could be a intake manifold leak.
  11. Thank you gentlemen for your replies Bloo, nah it's not an open riser. Just one of those 4-hole phenolic jobs to try and keep the gas from boiling when the car is shut off after a long drive. Yup a's been flowing onto my garage floor for years. I mentioned the stove pipe length just to show that it was a little bit of a height raise with the riser+gaskets, couldn't get away with just bending the stock stovepipe length. I'm going to check that throttle shaft tomorrow though, I hadn't thought of that! Secondary throttle plates do close all the way though, and the vacuum advance can is hooked up right...everything is peachy otherwise but it just is really idling high. No vacuum leaks either. Beemon, no I did not disassemble that far. Old-tank, I did and no drop in rpm
  12. Right, the needle valves being backed out one turn from seating is the ballpark you start off with, then in and out until you get the mixture correct. The manual says do this at a 450rpm idle but no matter what I do, I cannot get that low. Even with the throttle stop backed out all the way. Here is something I forgot to mention though...I have a 1/4" phenolic riser (plus the width of 2 gaskets, one under the carb and one under the riser) underneath the carb to stop heat the carb is sitting slightly higher than it's stock position. I had to make a lengthened choke stovepipe to compensate. Would this affect idle speed? I would think it would affect the top end rpm instead.
  13. I have a 1952 Buick Roadmaster and just rebuilt the Carter WCFB carb, and I'm setting the idle according to the factory manual. The manual says to back out the throttle stop screw and hold the fast idle cam in the "choke open" position, then screw in the throttle stop screw until it just contacts the throttle lever arm, then give it another full turn. This should give it an idle speed of 450rpm. I'm getting more like 700-750rpm at the least. Any thoughts? Both idle needle valve are backed out one full turn off seating.
  14. 2carb40 sending you a PM now...we did talk a while back but I had thought the one one you had for sale WAS cracked but "brazed back to usable"...
  15. Thanks Pete, I have the end pieces as well...I've had a few over the years but never with an uncracked/unbrazed center section. It's the only piece that isn't being repro'd and to the best of my knowledge has NEVER been repro'd but I have a foundry not far from me that is willing to have a go at it. Just need a complete one that has never been molested.