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Guest Heartwine56

I about fell over when I found these advertising pieces. This is a 1978 Thunderbird dealership sign. Size is 26 inches long by 14 inches high. I could find

zero examples of this sign on the internet, nor in any databases I have access to. I discovered several of these signs for: Thunderbird, Mustang, Ford LTD,

Fiesta, Fairmont & Granada. There is also a Pinto sign, but interestingly, it is located on the back of the Mustang Sign. All of these signs are double sided.

On one side of all the signs, there is a year marker 1978 or 79, however, there is a smaller 1979 sign, that slips over the 1978, so you can change the year if you wanted to.

All of the signs come with this extra piece. Excuse a few of these photos, the signs are very dusty & as of this post, haven't cleaned them all up yet. 352,751. That

is the number of 1978 Ford Thunderbirds built during the 1978 model year. It represented 3.94 percent of the industry total for the year, which was a

fantastic figure for a personal luxury car.

Signs are $85.00 apiece or two for $150.00, with free shipping for domestic U.S. residents. I guarantee the delivery of all my shipments.

Paypal is my usual transaction source but money orders are acceptable for those who wish to use them. Feel free to email with any questions.








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