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1930 Chrysler CJ Engine

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1930 Chrysler CJ Engine block, crank, cam shaft, pistons, valves only and oil pan. The bore on the block is STD. (3.125) and the rod journals are 1.935 approx.

Didn't pull the main caps off to check dia. The water jackets look clean. Ser. # CJ 6182 with two capital B on each end and someone added the 47 to the end of the ser. #.

$275 OBO plus shipping. Thank you for looking. Have a Great Day, Wally








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My name is Rick and I ran across your post for this engine. Do you still have this engine? I am searching for a good engine head, but would take the entire engine. My email is marick90.rs@gmail.com.




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Thank you for the quick response I'll try that. However, if you may know of any other Chrysler CJ parts that might be available please pass this on or let me know. I've owned this CJ since 1985, but now that I'm retired I have the time to restore it. My head is cracked along the ridge from the thermostat back. Other wise I'm missing just a few parts.

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Hi Rick,

            The engine is also most back together. I put the timing gear on the crank upside down. I'll be going back to work tomorrow, been on vacation. I will 

bring my puller home from work and flip the gear right side up. I'll finish putting the timing cover, the pulley on and mount the engine to the pallet this weekend. Is there any chance

that there is someone in the Chrysler club or the AACA that might be able to pickup the engine?  Isn't there a place on forum you can ask and see?  I'm figuring that is going to weight around 400 to 450 lbs. As soon as I get the engine on the pallet, I will take some measurements and see what it will cost to ship. I ended up using the front engine mount from my DeSoto engine. This will help securing the engine to the pallet. I have a bell housing

that also could help to hold the engine on the pallet, I will give you if you want it. But it's about 40 to 60 lbs. more.




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