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  1. Actually the first Marquette were produced by General Motors in 1912.
  2. Howdy! Do you still have the threaded hub cap? If so, would you sell it? I'm building a speedster using a 1930 Marquette chassis and need a few hub caps yet.
  3. I'll give them a shot, I called Hagens who wanted $150 for a set. There has to be cheaper out there.
  4. Thank you sir! I did find this set, has the same bore size, I have to check the ring groove specs. It doesn't list the Marquette, then again... not many do.
  5. Looking for piston rings. The bore size is 3 1/8, there must be other engines that used this size pistons. From what I've learned the block is Oldsmobile. While tearing this engine down I found the connecting rods are Buick. If anyone has a set of rings or happens to have an interchange book could let me know what other makes may fit.
  6. As I understand, the block is Oldsmobile. I did find when tearing mine down, the connecting rods are Buick. I have yet to find out what everything else is. I'm currently trying to find some rings. I found one vendor asking $150 for a set... I'll keep looking.
  7. Do you happen to still have this? If so, want to sell it?
  8. I believe all the Marquettes built in North America were flatheads. The car you show looks like a Marquette to me!
  9. Badly in need of a 1930 Marquette frame. I have two chassis and both are in bad shape. Building a speedster. I'm just outside of Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN. Hoping to find one within an 8 hour drive. Thanks, Mark
  10. Any chance you still have this? If so, where are you located?
  11. I'm in WI, right across the river from the Twin Cities in MN.
  12. I have no idea what model it is, it's a complete chassis minus front axle and any wheels. My plan is to build a speedster. It's missing the starter. The flywheel is toast along with the clutch.
  13. Hello all! I just purchased a Marquette. I'm looking for a starter. I understand the engine is an Oldsmobile. I read a Hemmings post stating other starters would also work. Thanks, Mark