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Service Motor Truck: Built in Wabash Indiana

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Found this 1917 Service Motor Truck model 130 1-1/2T chassis (with Sheldon worm drive) lurking under a hay wagon. I found the serial number stamped into the frame, it was stamped into the top surface of the right side of the front cross member, This truck was built in Wabash Indiana












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Sorry, no pinion box, but possibly a few suggestions ( I assume there's no Service truck club)--my apologies if already tried...

(1) any Sheldon name, numbers or letters stamped, cast on the housing people could use to compare with old axles lying around??

(2) posting around for someone with a Dyke's or similar period publication of truck specs that might list Sheldon's ID for your axle (Don't know if Power Wagon was publishing specs, don't know if Brabhams included trucks)---the idea here that even if no specific ID for your axle you need a list of other similar weight other makes using Sheldon worm drives, quite possibly the same as yours, to widen your search......

(3) posting around with any of the above ID, even axle measurements if nothing else, and pix if possible, on other sites like ATHS, Justoldtrucks and the Antq Cars/trucks forum on smokstak...ATHS and Justoldtrucks traffic is admittedly heavily on much more modern stuff but period items do appear, and it's free...

(4) periodically, as here, updating your search every so often; new readers come on, someone will see something that might apply but can;t recall the truck make or where they saw the post, etc...

A 1919 Power Wagon spec list lists 16 other makes from 1T to 2T using Sheldons, all were worm drive, so  that's helpful (altho there are about 75 makes for 11/2T in 1919)...

NOTE: On/in the axle you're apparently looking for a W-number, two or three digit number...With sympathy,  Bud

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Thought I'd see if I had anything on the original engine, but turned out to be less  than helpful...

Only have two specific listings for the 1919 model 76...a 24 piston catalog showing the Buda YTU, and the Power Wagon December 1919 spec tables which show the Buda YU...

That puts it into the old Buda engine designation question...they have several such (CU/CTU, HU/HTU. XU/XTU, each set with same b/s)...with nothing found so far that positively identifies the difference/s designated. The best guess/opinion so far could be YU=open flywheel, YTU=flywheel/bell housing...the "T" definitely doesn't mean "truck" as some listings show both engines, as if options or as if the one with the "T" replaced the two-letter engine, the ones with the "T" almost always having more and later listings...

The 1919 Power Wagon specs also show a Timken rear axle, #6652; if it's a Sheldon (not unlikely as many of these were put together to Buyer's specs or instructions) it should have a W- number, possibly W-30, often listed in that weight.

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Guest Karl Rider

Is this Service Truck Chassis available for purchase?  I have a 1918 Service Motor Truck that I would like to have running before it turns 100, need wheels as my truck sat several years with tires sunk in ground - rubber is loose and wood rotten.  About 36" dia solid rubber.  Service Motor Trucks were an assembled truck built in Wabash, IN.   Service merged with other truck company in Lima Ohio and moved manufacturing (likely parts) to Relay, Garford, & Commerce in Lima Ohio about 1926.   The Service factory sat empty then in 1936 General Tire and Rubber Co occupied factory, I worked at that factory for about 20 years and it closed in 2007 as GenCorp Automotive, factory was razed a few years ago.  Appreciate any info on this service truck or any other solid rubber wood spoke wheels.   Wabash County museum has a restored Service truck on display and very good library of information.

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