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Trailer purchase question

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This is interesting thread and am enjoying it. BUT, I will have to read some more in the Maryland Commercial motor carrier book as well as the federal book both of which I keep in the truck. I also have been stopped many times the last few years and even been "run down" by MSP troopers. In Maryland you cannot be non commercial if your GCVW is over 26,000 pounds. Luckily my aluminum trailer allows me to do that but I have to have a commercial medical card when towing over 10,000 GCVW which all of our rigs are. Maryland is the only state I know of that does their inspection stations by pounds rather than class of vehicle. All vehicles over 10,000 GCVW must stop on the scales including on the interstates. Most of the larger scales on I 95 and I 70 don't have too many chase persons available to run people down. I can say I have been green lighted at all interstate scales in Maryland but rarely green lighted at state highway facilities. Pennsylvania and Illinois appear to be aggressively starting to be like Maryland.

I will check the Federal book that addresses the 26,000 GCVW commercial issue by looking in another section of the Manual.

Oh, on motor homes yes they are exempt in Maryland as well as federal BUT they have an overall length maximum that is less than the Federal in Maryland.


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Make sure that you have 8 lug wheels specked. And most trailers have bull wiring. Check the wiring. Seems like weak points for the builders. Also, have them put waterproof lights on the front of the fenders so you can see your trailer at night for maneuvering. Also wireless remote winch.

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