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51 buick 56r project


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ok here we go,new to this type of posting but will give it a try.i bought this 51 buick from a fellow in san Antonio tx,who bought it from first owner .He drove it fron dallas tx to san Antonio tx and thought he would change the color. he took all trim and chrome off and started to paint car green(everything) .after removing many parts and sending parts out for repair he lost interest and shoved it into a dirt floor garage and let it sit for the next 41 years.i bought it and drug it out of its grave and started to bring it back from the dead. lol all I got was a shell with motor, trans, and four flat tires.he missplaced most of the trim, rad., and interior parts. i have located almost all the parts either nos or used and rechromed. i did not know when I bought this car how rare they were and how hard it would be to find all the missing parts.(Pontiac man)I am almost finished with the body, had to weld in new rockers, patches on hood and roof.straighten all panels ,replace side glass and all tracks. had to rebuild all gauges and fuel pump,carb,master cyl.,brakes,lines and anything that was in the dirt .even the rims had to be blasted and bondoed to get the pits out. as seen in pics I have it painted and mostly have it back together. i am working on the interior now I have the seats done in ultra leather two tone brown and white.new carpet(brown)have door panels cut out and will glue ultra leather to them as I get futher along.i am doing all the work and paint myself(too cheep to send out).it will be a drive and should be on the road in the spring.still need a few miss, parts and will need to add air(pretty hot in south texas).I will show a few pics of start to date,thanks to all who answered my questions and gave me the will to keep going,










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