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Transmission related help needed.


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Has anyone ever removed the brake/clutch pedal shaft from a pre-fast four 4 cyl bell housing? It looks like you just take out the cotter pin holding the brake pedal in place and drive it out but I didn't want to destroy anything before I asked.

Also - How do you remove the throw out bearing from the multi-disk clutch assembly? I removed the large snap ring but no movement. Really don't want to mess this up.

Thanks for any help. Jay

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I figure out that the pedal shaft is only slid into the bell housing held in place by the collars.

What I really need to know is how to take the multi disk clutch apart. It's out of the car and I can unscrew the bearing sleeve. Are you supposed to compress the inner spring and remove the 2 wedges? If so what do you use to compress it and how dangerous is it to do? Thanks for any advice. Jay

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