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1966 Olds Delta 88 convertable

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Im kinda new to the Oldsmobile cars and there styling, but end up pulling the rug on my 54 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe and traded for this car and a 66 Cutlass 442 convert (Parts Car) 400 engine with 4 barrel

I have original interior in great shape no cracking, peeling still supple. The engine in the Delta is a 425 2 barrel and odometer reads 85000 never turned over from original owner. Just need to find a Top due to when they had it covered it, moisture from humidity sat in between the tarp and top dry rotting it. Glad the windows were crack a little. All in all a simple large car. With Power antenna, power steering, ac and power top. I just need to learn about this car before I ship off next month to great lakes.





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The Cutlass is not a 442, as evidenced by the non-442 taillights and lack of side scoop ornaments behind the front wheel openings. Unless it's been changed, the only available V8 in a 1966 Cutlass was the 330. The 400 was only available in real 442s. Be aware that nearly nothing from the Cutlass will interchange with parts on the Delta.

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The entire body of the cutlass has been bondo and what not from looking at it and the engine is a 400 with a holley 4 barrel. Pics soon to come on that. And vin plate.

The VIN won't tell you if it's a real 442 or not in 1966. The cowl tag WILL indicate the 442 option, except for cars built in the Fremont, CA plant (don't ask me why). You might want to snag a photo of the block casting number above the water pump, on the small "shelf" were the oil fill tube is located.

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So, first, that's not the VIN on the cowl tag. The VIN is on a tag on the driver's door post. The cowl tag number is assigned by Fisher Body before the VIN and is not related to the VIN.

Second, the cowl tag shows that the car is not a 442. A real 1966 442 would have shown "5V" or "5VY" in the last line on the left. The "5Y" simply designates deluxe seat belts.

Third, as expected, 381917 is the casting number for a 330 block, not a 400. If you don't believe it, simply measure the width of the intake manifold. The 330 is a small block Olds and the intake will be about 12.5" wide. The intake on the 425 in your Delta will be about 14" wide. Both the 425 and 400 Olds motors are considered big blocks for this reason.

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A 1966 big convertible with factory air, AM-FM radio and Tilt-Telescopic steering wheel is not a shabby find at all. Get the dirt off the interior and engine and that 88 appears to be a very good car for restoration. If the Cutlass is a bondo-bucket might be better to let someone else have that fun.


3= Oldsmobile

38= Cutlass V8

67= convertible

6= 1966

M= Lansing MI assembly plant

remainder is car's sequential VIN. Sure that Z ain't a 2?


3= Oldsmobile

58= Delta 88

E= Linden NJ assembly plant

other numbers same as the Cutlass

In addition to here, www.classicoldsmobile.com has a sizable big Olds community with lots of knowledge- "Darksiders" we call ourselves... There's also plenty of folks there who can easily decipher all those option codes on the data plates.

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