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1931 Buick Big Box of Engineering Drawings


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Hi Chuck;  I did not get the drawing but took the picture of the drawing you had on one of your posts and made the RH wiper pivot.  I still need to make the wiper arm hangers.  Those filter bracket parts ARE what I've been looking for.  Will you sell them?  If yes let me know what you want for them and how you would like to get paid.  If you have Pay-Pal that would be easy.  My e-mail is dkrugler@msn.com if you would rather discuss payment there and that is where you can send the drawing.  I'd still like to have any wiper related drawings because the picture file I am using now is not to scale so I have to try to develop ratios using stated measurements on the picture compared to actual measurements on the picture to get dimensions for features that are not dimensioned on the picture.  How's the flu recovery?  We got our first taste of real winter here this weekend, 6-8" of snow and -4degree temps along with 25mph winds.


Thanks Chuck...





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