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1926 Gas Gauge Face Photo Needed

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I took the Coupe gas tank to Greensburg, PA. to get the rust holes fixed and epoxy sealed. While I was at it I removed the gas gauge and it's nothing like is being reproduced. This doesn't surprise me as most of the parts on my car are 1 of 1!

The parts book mentions this gauge but I have never seen one. I need a new face and could probably have a decal made from a photo. Anyone?





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Bill, I was very surprised to see that gauge in your photo's. I was all set to send off pictures of my '25 gauge face for you, but it's nothing like yours! I'm not even sure what that gauge face looked like. Anyway, a word to the wise; while your gauge appears to be open to the tank itself, any decals or most paints will all but "go away" in a short time when their encapsulated under the glass face with those gas fumes under it, working all the time crinkling up the paint or the thin decal. This happened to me when I repainted my '25 gauge face. It is a brass plate, numerals and logo are "raised" on the brass face, but background is supposed to be black. Before I put it back in my tank, it was beautiful. Two weeks later, It was not even legible. AND a big mess of gooey black paint. I re did it with some black paint that was so-called "gas proof" and it still is OK now.

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Bill,  I have been working on a friends 1922 Dodge Touring, and he has this gas gauge.  It does have some embossing where E and F are raised, along with the marks.   I mixed up some JB weld and wiped a thin film on the E so that it had a light gray E that would be visible after a while with the tank vapors.   Hugh

2015-10-24 00.14.05.jpg

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