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New front ABS WSS


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I have two new ones available that I just got from Kingsley.

We talked the other night and I will be selling them and the money from the sale of these two sensors will be given 100% to a charity. The"Bush Medicine Partnership" for the "Ascovime Birth Certificate Project" My wife left Wednesday morning for Cameroon and will be volunteering there a a physical therapist for about two months. This is her 6th trip there.

You can learn more about this project by looking at or googling Ascovime Birth Certificate Project or going to Ascovime.org. My wife will be traveling with Dr. Bwelle for several weeks along with a team of medical folks working in the villages of Cameroon.

I am open to offers for these and if the offers match the donation I already sent with her, the sensors will have a new home. If the offers go over that amount then the additional monies will be mailed to that charity.



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It has been a couple of days and no one has inquired about these sensors so I will post that I would like to get $ 150 each for them plus $ 7 for Priority Mail shipping.

I am a little surprised I have not heard from anyone as these sensors are simply not available anymore anywhere. 11 years ago in 2003 these sensors were $ 96 from GM.

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