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1934 for sale


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Guest Mark Vail

FYI, estimate would be about $11,400 to $13,000 in US dollars. Shipping would be a killer to get it to North America. Is that a SDC sticker in the windscreen? 25 hp? Is that a British conversion of some sort?:)

More photos here:


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The 25 hp refers to British taxable horsepower which is based on engine bore. Most British cars of that period, such as the Austin 7, Morris 8, Rolls Royce 20, etc.were identified by their taxable horsepower rating. Because most American cars had large cylinder bores, it could put them in a tax bracket which was above their intended market - note that the Dictator is in a higher tax bracket than the Rolls Royce 20. Some US auto makers reduced the bore of their engines to compensate, Ford being one example. The Ford V8 60 was a reduced bore version of the US V8 for the British market. The Studebaker Erskine was an attempt to produce a "European" car.


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