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1898 Waltham Mfg. Co. Orient bicycle envelope from S. Africa agent to factory. Copy 4 U.

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Attached is a high resolution copy of both sides of an envelope I just bought off of Ebay. I thought you might want to run it in a future issue of the Waltham museum newsletter. It is the envelope only,no letter from the Johannesburg,South Africa Orient agent,to the Waltham Mfg. Co. HQ in Waltham. The envelope left Johannesburg on June 27th 1898. It probably went by steam train to Capetown,then by steamer ship from Cape Town to New York. It arrived N.Y. on July 24th 1898,and then arrived for delivery in Waltham the next day,according to the postmarks. I thought Orient collectors would enjoy having a copy of this knowing Charles Metz and the Waltham Mfg. Co. had a world wide reach! Sincerely George Albright,Ocala,Fla. email gnalbright@gmail.com


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