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Good morning everybody. I am thinking about starting a new chapter in central Florida. It will be in the Leesburg and the villages area. I am working with a great Buick dealership and one of their top notch sales man. We have talked with Mike and Nancy Brooks and with their help this may work. I am asking everyone in the Leesburg and villages area if you are interested in joining us. Though I am very naïve about starting this chapter. I have talked with the salesman from Philips Buick and he is very upbeat about starting this club he has told me that Philips would let us have a room for our meetings whenever we needed it. I know this is not too much information about it but it's a start I think the Buick club of America is a great organization to belong to with some great people to talk about and asked for their help for your Buick. Remember you do not have to own a Buick to become a club member and enjoy its benefits. If you're interested please let me know you can either answer here in the form or e-mail me at buke143@charter.net thank you very much.

Have a great Buick day

Frank (buke)

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Frank, I applaud your efforts. I thought there was a new Regions and Chapters Coordinator. I thought the Books used to be, but that someone new took over. Perhaps a BOD member can assist.

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Guest my3buicks

Once you get your ducks in a row and are granted a charter, if you are lucky the office will get your chapters charter to you within 6 months to a year. Keep on top of things so the process does not become stagnate. A lot of promises are made and not followed through on.

It's great you have a dealership that is behind you. That can be beneficial to your chapter on so many levels.

It's a lot of work getting a chapter formed and off the ground. But will be well worth the effort. Watch after formation that you continue to push forward so the lull after the excitement of the initial forming of a chapter doesn't take the legs out from under it.

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I think your approach by posting a thread here is an important step. You may have, or get from the office a list of all members in the area, but there are probably quite a few members in your area that may have a full time address somewhere else and only reside there in the winter. It may be hard to track them down, but the forum is a good choice. You might ask, or I guess I already have by this message, is to ask every reader here if they know of anyone using that area for winter residence to get their name and contact info to you.

Good luck with the formation.

By the way, does this mean you are relocating permanently? I guess that will improve your chance for another Long Distance Driven award.


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