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V-12 Lycoming

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This is out of a 47 American La France pumper.

Ran a year ago and will turn with the fan.

engine number BJ7-104

Complete from air filters to pan and from fan on thru the transmission.

I have it on a pallet now but should be tied down better to ship.

The motor smoked a lot, but ran well. Gears all good.

I can deliver to a terminal of your choice in Portland Or.

It would be good to go if you wanted to pick it up and the neighbor has a fork lift to load.

But to ship we will need to discuss better crating.

Asking $2500, If that is out of line we can talk but this is a rare engine with dual ignition and dual carbs and complete.


503-538-eight six four five

503-550-zero seven four five








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Thank You Craig,

I want to sell complete as I have had a couple of offers for parts but feel that whoever wants it would probably want it complete.

It seems that these days there are some out there that are building modified roadsters with funny engines.

I wish I was young again, I might like that kind of project.

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I forwarded a like to this thread to a friend of mine that is looking for one of these for a 700 Series ALF Ladder truck

Thank You mdhealy for that.

Lots of interest thru all of the places that I have it listed.

The C/L ads are about 50/50 scam to real ratio. But at least some are asking the right kind of questions.

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