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Questions about 1965-66 Oldsmobile full-size AM/FM radio


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Did Oldsmobile make an AM/FM radio for 1965-66 that was also a WonderBar? I am under the impression that you could get an AM with WonderBar, or AM/FM, but no WonderBar available?

Also, if someone does a conversion from a factory AM radio to a factory AM/FM, are there any considerations regarding the factory power antenna already with the vehicle?



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I don't think AM/FM Wonderbar radios became available in full size cars until '67. They first appeared in Toronados in '66. Either radio would be compatible with the power antenna. Usually for AM the antenna has to be run the whole way up. On FM, reception is best at about 2/3rds mast. At least that's how my '67 was. Any radio will need the antenna "trimmed" upon installation.


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Mike, it has to be trimmed to the antenna it will be used with. The trouble will be finding a strong enough AM station at 1400kc to carry it out.

Keep in mind the "trim" is only on AM band and if car has integral rear speaker fader switch you'll have to jumper that when doing the trim operation.

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